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Why does Curly Hair tend to be dry?

Why does Curly Hair tend to be dry?

Authored By Maine & Pride

Have you ever wondered why curly hair tend to be dry compared to straight?

Or notice how after wetting curly hair it is dry in no time and straight hair takes it sweet old time to dry, basking in all moisture’s nutrients?  

The simple fact of “the quickest and easiest way from A to B is a straight line” applies to the hair game as well. Straight hair hold moisture longer because it is easy for it to get to the scalp, saturate the roots and then easy to slide back down the shaft to the ends. The more curves and coils in your hair the further moisture must travel and the harder it needs to work to get from point A to B. Before it even gets to B it dries or bounces off.  

If your hair and scalp tend to be dry it ordinarily means that your hair from the root to the tip is not getting as much nutrients as it wants or needs. That is why curly hair needs extra attention.

Hairs Masks once a month to give it a boost of nutrients.

Paraben & Sulfate Free shampoos and conditioners because the last thing you want on dry scalp and hair is coat it with synthetic fillers and alcohol base products that dries your hair and scalp further.

Leave in conditioners for a longer lasting daily coat moisture and a hair oil to seal in all the goodness. Yes, it’s more work but your hair and scalp will love you for it.

Keep in mind your hair and scalp want Paraben & Sulfate Free products. A lot of products are marketed for curly hair and feel great at first. That instant “improvement” is the synthetic fillers (Parabens – which is cheaper to manufacture) that does not help in the end game and more often than not does more damage than good.

At Maine & Pride we have a range of Paraben & Sulfate Free Products with a premium organic line by Queen Quaymo hitting the shelves soon.



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