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At Maine & Pride we are your Local Specialised Fashion - Hair - Beauty Supply Store & Salon.

After years, even decades of frustration in Australia with the lack of representation in mainstream stores, we are here to fill that void. 

Extensive international travels had us green in envy about the sheer volume, range, availability and affordability of Hair Products & Make Up that cater to individuals that looked like us.

Enough was enough and we decided to not only bring these products to our shores. We have worked tirelessly to ensure it is at a competitive rate, conveniently have on hand stock to eliminate the lengthy international shipping times and aim to provide educated advise all whilst delivering the customer service you deserve. 

We have authentic and highly sort after products such as Juvia’s Place, Maybelline, Revlon, Cover Girl Queen, Black Radiance, EZ Braids, X-pression Braids just to name a few. You can conveniently order online for pick up or delivery or should you prefer to pop in to our Slacks Creek Store to test the products you are more than welcomed.

At present our services consist of Box Braids, Dutch Braids, Crochet Locs, Starter Dreadlocks and Maintenance. As we fast track our expansion, more services and products will be made available. The easiest way to keep up to date is to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram  - maine.n.pride

Facebook -  mainenpride

Our ultimate goal is to create an inclusive forum for individuals that are not ordinarily catered to when it comes to Hair and  Beauty Products and/or Services with in Australia. A space where an open dialogue, shared experiences, learning and growth is highly encouraged to help us better grow as a business and to provide affordable fashion, hair and beauty products that compliments our individuality.


We look forward to meeting and connecting with you all through the power of



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